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Dairy Alternatives

When anyone is looking to go vegan they wonder what to do about dairy. It’s pretty much in everything and how do you substitute it? I’ll give you some tips on my favorite dairy alternatives and how to use them. Looking for egg substitutes? Check out my past blog post here


This one is always tricky because it depends on what you’re looking for. I tend to use almond milk for almost every milk substitute. It’s great over cereal, in oatmeal, in baking recipes, etc. If you’re going to make a creamy pasta dish or use it in a sauce that you don’t want it to be sweet, then I wouldn’t use it. A good alternative for a cream sauce would be plain rice milk since almond milk tends to be pretty sweet even if it not sweetened with vanilla and can ruin the overall flavor of the dish. Other alternatives if you have any type of nut allergy would be hemp milk, coconut, or soy milk.


This is another tough one. Really I think the only way to go here is Daiya cheese. It melts in sandwich makers, the oven, microwave, etc. Tofurky even makes frozen pizzas with Daiya that can you bake at home. I have made homemade pizzas with Daiya and they turn out pretty well. Follow Your Heart makes ok cheeses, not my favorite and it takes forever to melt. Looking for the perfect grilled cheese? Use Tofutti American cheese slices, they look like Kraft American cheese slices but are dairy free. Recently, Field Roast released gourmet cheeses that are a mind blowing experience on crackers or with their vegan sausages.

Ice Cream

I love So Delicious Purely Decadent! They have lots of great flavors and are in a bunch of grocery store. If you’re new to the whole dairy free ice cream trend then stay away from vanilla flavors as they taste a bit “off” when you’re getting used to dairy free. Also avoid ones made from rice milk as they are extremely bland.


I love Earth Balance, it is mostly made from olive oil so it doesn’t taste weird, melts really well and I love to use it in baking. It holds up just as well as butter and you can even buy it in a stick form or in a tub. It’s a relatively healthy version of butter alternatives and you’ll really think that you can’t believe it’s not butter.

Coffee Creamer

I never recommend almond milk as a creamer because it curdles and looks very unappetizing. So Delicious, Silk and a few other companies make non-dairy creamers. If you’re looking to avoid soy, Silk makes a coconut milk coffee creamer.

Cream Cheese

My favorite brand of non-dairy cream cheese is Tofutti brand, I’ve made cheesecakes with it and I love it! However, check Pinterest and other sites because it’s also really easy to make your own version of cream cheese.

Sour Cream

Again, I recommend Tofutti brand, but it’s also easy to make your own version at home. So check online for recipes. I always prefer to make what I can homemade so I avoid processed foods.

Is it Healthy to Use These Instead of Milk?

A lot of times I have people tell me that they’d rather use milk since it’s natural and they don’t know what these products are and don’t feel they’re healthy. To that I say, milk is high in fat and cholesterol. It contains animal growth hormones, GMOs, natural hormones to bond a baby cow to the mother creating an opiate effect on humans and can contribute to a slew of thyroid issues. On top of that milk extracts calcium from your bones, quite a bit more than it actually puts in. That’s why countries who don’t consume animal milk don’t have osteoporosis, it literally doesn’t exist there. It also is the leading cause of breast cancer. Thanks to inhumane machines that milk cows several times a day blood and pus is in milk, but don’t worry it’s pasteurized so it’s safe. However, through pasteurizing it strips the milk of all digestive enzymes so we can’t digest milk and 70% of people are actually allergic to milk. Those that are show it through either asthma (yes most cases of asthma can be cured from avoiding dairy altogether), hives, skin conditions, acne, breathing problems, gas, bloating, digestive issues and constipation. Milk alternatives aren’t sounding so bad! I still encourage you to check for “Non-GMO” on the labels, a lot of soy milks and dairy alternatives will put it on their packaging. Happy dairy free eating!

Are they any I missed? Feel free to comment and ask specific questions as to what you’re trying to substitute and I will try my best to help.