Skip Stein

In life there are people you meet that have a story so powerful that after hearing it you are forever changed. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of knowing those types of people who have had an extraordinary journey that have led them to a huge lifestyle shift. In this new section on my blog, I hope to share their stories with my readers and have you feel just as inspired as I have.

I would like to start with the story of Skip Stein and his lovely wife, Nancy. Originally, I was going to interview Skip for my blog to feature one of his many businesses. I love his ideas and I had hoped everyone else would be interested in them as well. However, as we started talking and I learned more and more about him and his wife, I knew I needed to share their story. While rough at times, it truly is beautiful and an inspiration.

Here is the story of Skip and Nancy….

Awhile back, Nancy’s mom was diagnosed with bladder cancer. She was living with Skip and Nancy at the time. Nancy was very close to her mother as they’ve been through a lot together, and this news was absolutely devastating. Her mother did radiation/therapy and unfortunately lost the battle to cancer and passed away in 1995. Skip and Nancy describe this time as very traumatic. As anyone knows, losing a loved one is never easy but watching her suffer until she died took a huge toll on Nancy and her daughter whose grandmother was like her 2nd mother. After reeling from the death of their treasured matriarch, Skip found out his father had prostate cancer and didn’t have long to live. His father went through chemo as well and the effects of the chemo were taxing on his system. Later, he succumbed to cancer in 2006 and their family was shaken. Skip was beyond devastated and the thing that bothered him most was that his father couldn’t enjoy the last bit of his life because he was so sick from the chemotherapy.

Nancy and Skip quickly came to the realization that both of their parents died of cancer and they may get cancer as well. They made a pact vowing that if they ever got cancer they wouldn’t do chemotherapy or other allopathic treatment but would enjoy what time they had left on earth.

Later in 2010, Skip was diagnosed with prostate cancer and given 5 years or less to live. Even with this new information, he still held true to the pact and decided to live his life without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. One night, while watching the Veria channel, they saw a special featuring Doctors T. Colin Campbell and John McDougall talking about how a whole foods plant based diet can cure cancer and a multitude of diseases. After that Nancy and Skip started seeking out alternative therapies to beat cancer without depleting the body. One thing they began noticing from all of the successful doctors who have cured cancer is that it was done through a diet limiting processed foods and focused on plant based nutrition.

After that Nancy went through the house and got rid of anything with meat, fish, eggs or dairy. They used the Hallelujah Diet Program Guide as a base line to start. First thing Skip needed to do was bring his body from acidic to alkaline. He started by juicing, they bought a Vitamix and a Breville Juicer and from there Nancy made Skip a juice drink every hour. He was going through 25+ lbs of carrots per week and in 6 weeks time he had lost 40 lbs. Nancy went from having absolutely no cooking skills to being a plant based chef in order to save her husband’s life. Now she makes plant-based artisan cheeses, and a variety of plant-based meat substitutes and prepares all of their meals.

Skip is has been a holistic plant based cancer survivor for over 5 years now. With their new found energy they went from being couch potatoes to enjoying the great outdoors. Nancy used to suffer from Fibromyalgia and an arterial blockage, all of her symptoms disappeared and she believes her arterial blockage is corrected through a plant based diet. They feel so energized and healthy, like they did when they were 40. Skip says, “I could never go back to my old way of living. This truly is a lifestyle and you have to do something with your life and your energy. We have taken our energy and put it into our new businesses. In an act of desperation I made this change and my hope is that people won’t wait until their back is to the wall before making the change.”

Skip has been studying holistic healing and is now Reiki Level 2. He loves walking, yoga and swimming. He has lost 65 lbs, shocked his doctor of over 20 years with his recent blood work. Is HDL and LDL is the lowest his doctor has ever seen and his other blood work came back great.

Skip and Nancy offer cooking classes to people in Central Florida who want to learn how to cook a whole foods plant based meal plan. If you’re not in the area they offer phone consultation and invite anyone to call them if you have a question. Visit for more information. They also love to travel together and share how they incorporate their lifestyle even while on the road. They focus on road trips and family oriented travels but much would be the same for business travelers as well. Check out their site

Skip has put his supplement log online, listing out what he takes and what he did since 2010 (when he started this journey). This is a huge service for anyone suffering from cancer! I hope you will go to his site or forward it on to others it’s

“The main thing I want to add is that Nancy and I are a TEAM. She has saved my life in more ways than I care to discuss, she’s always been my best friend and partner in life. We do almost everything together. We do this because we strongly believe a healthy lifestyle will naturally help everyone. From reduction in medical costs (prevention) to helping preserve our environment a plant-based lifestyle benefits us all.” – Skip Stein